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Standing our for our rigor and our accessibility

Our consulting engineering firm

CDGU is a firm specialized in urban engineering that stands out for its rigor and accessibility

Our consulting engineering firm has established itself by providing the private sector with the necessary expertise to carry out urban development projects. Its significant contribution to the growth of several municipalities in Montérégie, on the island of Montreal and in the Lower Laurentians has made its reputation. This professional context has allowed CDGU to establish a culture of partnership from the start: it is by identifying ourselves with the success of our private clients that we have been able to demonstrate our expertise and the relevance of our interventions. This relevance  concerns all the technical considerations specific to quality urban infrastructures, but also the aspect of cost reduction and control.

Over the years, CDGU has responded to the diverse needs of more than a hundred municipalities and real estate developers, strengthening our approach and consolidating our team. Today, our production capacity, our quality of service and our work ethic are no longer in question; this constitutes an added value available to all of our clients.

« Since 1996, our advice has maximized private sector investment in urban development in the Montérégie region while respecting technical and environmental standards. »
– CDGU Team


A history, an evolution, a future

In a context where the quality of governance and professional integrity are seen as essential principles of urban development, CDGU is called upon to play an increasingly important role in the Montérégie, on the island of Montreal and to the north of it. Our skills and work ethic in the areas of construction engineering, rehabilitation and infrastructure management have always been outstanding. Our interventions are made in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and the respect of the communities involved.

The company CDG is founded.
CDG rethinks its image and becomes CDGU, which completes the acronym of Consultants en Développement et Gestion Urbaine. The grey of the logo recalls the materials used in urban networks (concrete, asphalt, metal) while the green represents the environment of recreational and landscaping facilities.
The company surpasses 20 employees and moves into new offices on Saint-Charles Avenue in Vaudreuil-Dorion.
The company inaugurates new, inspiring, modern and functional offices on Saint-Charles Avenue in Vaudreuil-Dorion.
The company celebrates its 25th anniversary

Mission and values

Our vision is very simple:
we are here to support regional development

For municipalities to prosper, they need promising and eco-responsible projects as well as quality infrastructures. Population growth and collective wealth depend on several indicators of our quality of life. Similarly, sustainability is reflected in the visible aspects of urban engineering – environmental quality, roads, lighting, recreational and sports infrastructures – as well as in the management and treatment of water – drinking water, wastewater, stormwater.

When urban developments are the object of a search for intelligent and adapted solutions, it allows to respect the standards, but also to save public funds or private investments: thevefore our whole economy is better off!

Collaboration, performance, integrity and dedication are our core values. Considering these values, we have redesigned our office spaces. We wanted them to be inspiring, functional and conducive to collaboration and self-improvement. We are driven by rigor and authenticity: this is what gives us the desire to clearly explain our solutions and deliver quality work corresponding with our vision. Conseguently, we manage each mandate in the same way we would manage our heritage.


For CDGU, contributing to the development of municipalities means first and foremost providing clients with the adequate amount of resources in the field of urban engineering. Our objective? More availability, expertise, clarity and optimal cost control. Thanks to responsible planning that limits project overlap, the CDGU team acts and remains accessible.

Our knowledge of the regional municipal framework and our competence in the field of engineering maximize our interventions. Our dual expertise allows us to propose solutions that respect our clients’ vision and expectations.

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