Vision and Values

Our vision is quite simple: We are here to support regional development. To be prosperous, our region needs high-growth projects and quality infrastructures. Demographic growth and collective wealth rely on several indicators of our quality of life. Sustainable development is also reflected in the visible aspects of urban engineering – quality of the environment, roads, urban lighting, recreational and sports facilities – as well as in water treatment and management: drinking water, wastewater, stormwater.

Urban development created with intelligent and needs-oriented solutions not only enables conformity to established standards, but also reduces cost for public and private funding, to the benefit of our entire economy!

Collaboration and performance, integrity and dedication: these are our core values. They inspired us to redesign the layout of our offices in order to create a working environment that is functional, highly conducive to collaboration, and that encourages our employees to surpass themselves. Our work is driven by rigour and authenticiy. That is why we thrive on explaining our solutions clearly to our clients, and why we are able to deliver quality results that match our vision. Indeed, we handle each mandate as if it were our own legacy.

CDGU strives to contribute to the physical development of municipalities by making a maximum amount of resources in the field of urban engineering accessible to our clients. Our goal? Greater availability and expertise, clearer explanations, and optimal control of costs. Thanks to sound planning designed to avoid overlapping projects, the CDGU team is always available to respond quickly.

Our knowledge of the regional municipal framework and our proficiency in the field of engineering maximize the success of our interventions. This double expertise enables us to propose solutions that are in tune with our client's vision and expectations.

Our Offices

4435, St-Charles avenue, Suite 200
Vaudreuil-Dorion (Quebec)  J7V 2N4

Phones: 450-455-8285 * 1-877-455-8285 
Fax: 450-455-3088